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Nantong Jinchi Mechanical & Electrical Company is high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu province.It is mainly engaged in high-efficient high-low voltage permanent magnet synchronous motor,mall special electric motor,R & D and production.

Our cmoany locates in Tongzhou electromechanical industrial park.It occupies about 66000 square metres including 5000 square metres building area, standardization plant covers 4000 square metres.Science and technology R & D Center,university building and some relevant supporting facilities covers 1000 squremetres.The amount of all kinds of high precision numerical control process equipment and the domestic first-rate motor detection device is nearly 200.There are many professors and in the center of high-tech R & D.And the company has a team of high-quality,high-level in design ang development.We have acquired many national invention patent in the field of high-efficient high-low voltage permanent magnet synchronous motor.

The motor is electric machinery which is in the medium of magnetic field and is formed by the conversion of electric energy and machinery. The general installation capacity small and medium in progress is 350 million lilowatt.The electric energy consumed account for 60%~70% of grid for total amount in our country which goes to 1.8 trillion kw/h~2.1 trillion kw/h..It is the first big dissipative comsumers of the grid in our country.In the motor energy-saving will save most resources.

The nenrgy consumption under the circumstances: some wastes are astonishing.As an example of water pump and fan with motor,they account for 55% of the total motor.Annual consumption of electricity accounts for 40% of the generating capacity.Fans and pumps all account for 20%.But their energy utilization rate is very low,the actual operation efficiency is less than 50%,the system efficiency is less than 30%, it is the power that is wasted about 20 billion.

If China’s motor efficiency is raised by 1%,we can save 738 trillion kw/h electric energy,and then the effect of energy saving is quite obvious. It is urgent demand of building conservation-minded society and keeping  sustainable  development that developing timely effficient level correspond to eff1 standard,even more than high-efficient energy-saving motors.

The series TYJX series are for our company responses to the requirement of energy conservation and decreasing  consumption, and then increasing operation rate, improving economic performance,reducing emissions the latest efficient energy-saving motors. High-efficient high-low voltage permanent magnet synchronous motor widely apply to the fields of arsenal, petrification, metallurgy, water pollution, traffic, textile and so on, which  substitute for Y,Y2 series motors.The standard can go to my first-order of GB18613-2006 energy efficiency standards.(the current highest level standard),and also achieve International Electronical Commission IE3 of IEC60034-30 high-efficiency motor

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