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Height:80-355 mm ;

Apprehending the EU first-level efficiency standard and Chinese energy-efficiency standard profoundly,Jinchi has integrated experience of exported Y2 series motors and NEMA motors and developed the new-generation energy-saving motor.This series has broken the technical barrier of export and/or replaced imported counterparts competitively.
·Reach the internationally general protection level(IP54 or IP55)and insulation class (F insulation and B temperature rise).Boast several features such as high efficiency,high starting torque,low noise,more relible structure and well appearance.
·Adopt the cooling method of IC411 that is matured in the cooling and heat dissipation.
·Properties and mounting dimensions conform to IEC,DIN42673,GB755 and applicable technical specifications.Our company has passed ISO9000 certification and followed its requirements from ordering,development,fabrication,inspection to sales service strictly.
·This series are energized by a 3-phase 380V 50Hz power(60Hz available upon the request).Alternatively run it under 400V,500V,550V or other voltages if you have special requirements.
·Usually this series are connected with Y method if the power is up to 3kW or △ connection method if the output is 4kW and up.
·This series has to work under 40℃and below 1000m altitude.If your working conditions are different,please specify them in the order.
·The duty is S1.
·They can be widely used for driving various common machines and equipments such as compressors,fans,water pumps and crushers.Furthermore they can function as prime motor in relatively severe conditions including petroleum,chemical,pharmaceutical and mining industries.
·The mounting,bearings,terminal box,mouting dimesions are as the same as Y2 series.
YE2 series high-efficiency energy-saving 3-phase asynchronous motor is a new development based on the Y2 series motor while considering the demand for energy conservation around the world.The central height H ranges from 80 to 355 and power is available from 0.55 to 315kW.

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