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AC power frequency-changing speed-adjusting system progresses quickly with the technology of power electronics.To meet the market demand,Jinchi has developed Y2VP series 3-phase frequency-changing speed-adjusting asynchronyous motor on the basis of collection of domestic and foreign information and wide survey.All properties are equivalent to foreign counterparts and basic technical conditions conform to IEC60034:15 and GB755.
·This series features low noise,minor vibration,wide speed-adjusting range and novel appearance.
·This series are specially designed to match high-efficiency IGBT pulse width modulation frequency converter of foreign and domestic manufacturers directly,which basically eliminates the need for external filter.
·Motor of this series integrates all adventages of domestic and foreign counterparts and makes use of CAD technique.The design particularly considers slot shapes of stator and rotor as well as distribution of stator windings so that motor can work under the PWM frequency-changing power and acquire an expected inductance to control and reduce the time harmonics and a string of adverse effects of the space harmonics.In addition consider a certain allowance for the electromagnetic load of motor.Correspondingly guarantee the overload capacity under the high frequency and constant rpm output under the low frequency.
·The design of insulation considers the influence of high chopping frequency arising from the use of IGBT PWM frequency converter.Particularly take special measures to strengthen the turn-to-turn insulation in order to withstand the sharp impulse voltage repeatedly applied by high rate of voltage rise between turns.Tested turn-to-turn voltage with standing value is much superior to provisions of AC motor in the JB/T9615.2-2000.
·Y2VP series are same as Y2 series with respect to structural mounting dimensions,which provides convenience for matching and selection.It adopts IC416 cooling and reinforced ventilation with a separate axial fan to control the temperature rise within the permited range after a longterm.
This series has been tested under the frequency-changing power in the factory and proven in compliance with actual working conditions.

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