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YJC series(H355~560)squirrel cage three phase asynchronous motors are Jinchi motor’s products which learn the advantages of domestic and foreign similar motor’s and use new material and new technology. It is to be achieved before the high-voltage power level as in the case of low pressure to achieve. This series has such characteristics: beautiful shape design, high performance, reliability, small, light weight, low vibration, low noise, and energy efficient.
This series motor performance installation size and power rating are meeting IEC77, GB755, JB/t10444 and other professional and technical standards.
This series motors can ba made into shell protection Class IP54 or IP55, the motor insulation class is F. VPI is ussed, which reduces the temperature rise effectively and extended the life of insulation aging.
This series motors use a standard cooling method IC411, general installation is IMB 3, IMB 35.
This series motors is 3-phase power supply frequency 50Hz (or according to the need for 60Hz ) power, voltage rating 380V or 660V, it also can ba designed according to customer needs rating other voltage levels.
This series motors can be used to drive various general machinery like compressors,  water pumps, crushing machines, cutting machines, transport machinery and other machinery and equipment, and it will be used as the original motivation in mining, machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power station and industrial and mining enterprises.
This series motors can be derived from outdoor (W), humid tropics(TH), outdoor humid tropics(WTH), anti-corrosion type(F1, F2, F3, F4), it also can be derived from marine Y-H Series three phase asynchronous motor according to national standard GB/T7060, basic technical requirements of marine rotating electrical machines, the performance indicators, basic installation and dimension are almost the same to the basic series.
The base takes parallel-vertical radiating rid structure, the ventilated structure has two independent cooling air duct, air outside the motor blows heat reinforcement under the action of the outside fan, meanwhile, there are four base ventilation road, through the fan inside, axial vents on the rotor chip formed the inner wind way, improve the heat dissipation effectively. So the direction of rotation would no be chosen of rotation can be chosen or set at will.
The rotor had the copper squirrel cage structure or cast aluminium structure, after high-precision dynamic balancing operation, the motor would run balance, and had low vibration.
The main outlet box is designed in the top of the base, it would be certain for the line out to left or right, it also can be based on 45°location according to user needs.
When ordering, please specify the model, power, voltage, frequenvy, direction of rotation, degree of protection, cooling method, direction appears, special using environment, and the using requirements of the supporting machinery and equipment.
Temperature measurement devices can be installed in this series of motor in the stator windings, or in the bearing, and the anti-condensation to tide heater also can be installed on both sides of the motor, if necessary, please specify when ordering.
When ordering please sign technology agreement if there is other special requirements.
The technical parameters in this sample would change, please understand that without prior notice, when ordering, please contact our technical department to confirm or to obtain an official form map and related information

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